Catching up with the ever-changing Teamfight Tactics meta is hard. However, you need to know the meta to beat it. This is where comes in.
Data-driven meta snapshots leverages an immense amount of data from the top of the ranked ladder to determine the meta's best comps. For each comp, determines different unit variants and the best item holders and items for that comp. This calculation is refreshed twice daily to ensure that snapshots are always up-to-date. These snapshots are constantly improving so be sure to check back regularly!
(Coming soon) Manually curated comp guides
Data-driven algorithms can only show you the "what" and not the "why". This is where comp guides play a role. We manually analyze a comp through pro replays and personal experience to understand why a comp works well. Knowing the "why" helps you build solid fundamental principles to sieze opportunities and get ahead of the meta.